Jazz UK Call Package Code Price and Details


The Jazz UK Call Package Code *456*2# is used to subscribe and allows you to make affordable international calls to the UK, with lifetime validity and with no subscription charges. Unsubscribe by dialing *456*2*4# and check status using *456*2*2#. Stay connected with loved ones without worrying about high charges. For more details, dial *456*2*3#. Rates: Rs.1.2/30Sec (Incl. tax).


  • Not valid for premium, special, and Jersey Mobile numbers.
  • These types of phone numbers may not be included in regular call or data plans and thus, will not be eligible for any discounts.
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Jazz UK Call Package Code Price and Details

Jazz UK Call Package Code: – Jazz offers a UK call package with lifetime validity! With their subscription code *456*2#, you can enjoy making calls at a rate of Rs. 1.2/30 sec (including tax). And if you need to check your package status or get more information, you can use the status and info codes provided. Read on to learn more about Jazz’s UK call package code price and details. So, now you can stay connected with your loved ones without worrying about subscription charges! Keep reading to find out how you can subscribe to this amazing call package from Jazz.

Jazz UK Call Package Details

For the global citizen navigating through life’s fast lanes or the career-oriented professional keeping bridges open to international opportunities, the need for an economical and reliable international calling package is not a luxury but a need. Jazz, with its continued promise to customer gratification, is proud to introduce its groundbreaking UK Calling Package, offering supreme international call rates for its subscribers.

If you’re a Jazz UK subscriber or considering the switch, this comprehensive breakdown will guide you through the subscription process, the package details, and all the essential codes you need to maximize your experience. Your transcontinental calls are about to become simpler, more frequent, and a whole lot cheaper.

The Jazz UK Call Package offers a bundle of discounted call rates that redefine international connectivity for Jazz customers. The UK Calling Package is structured to maintain simplicity without compromising on the scope of what’s included. Here’s what the package incorporates:

Subscription Fee: None

  • Unlike many similar packages, Jazz keeps it economical from the get-go with no subscription charges. Once you’re on board, you only pay for the calls you make.

Jazz UK Call Package Code: *456*2#

  • Activating the package is a breeze. A simple dial of *456*2# from your Jazz phone and you’re ready to dial your UK contacts at unbeatable rates.

Validity: Lifetime

  • Enjoy lifetime validity with this package, ensuring that long-term international communication is both hassle-free and sustainable.

Jazz UK Call Package Unsub Code: *456*2*4#

  • If by some rare chance, you wish to opt out, the straightforward *456*2*4# is all you need to dial to discontinue the package.

Check Status Code: *456*2*2#

  • Just a click away, dial *456*2*2# to check the status of your subscription and confirm you’re benefiting from the discounted rates.

Offer Information Code: *456*2*3#

  • Curiosity might get the better of you. Dial *456*2*3# for all the particulars regarding the Jazz UK package.

Jazz UK Calling Package Rates: Rs.1.2/30 sec (incl. of all taxes)

  • And for the ultimate hook, enjoy international UK calls for as low as Rs.1.2/30 sec, inclusive of all taxes.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Subscribing to Jazz’s UK Calling Package

The efficiency of Jazz extends not just to its call rates but to the ease of subscription. For our subscribers, here’s a step-by-step guide to thorough connectivity:

Step 1: Check Your Balance

Ensuring you have enough balance or credit to cover the subscription is the first rule of any package activation process.

Step 2: Dial Correct Subscription Code

Accuracy is key here. Dial*456*2# and follow the prompts to confirm your subscription.

Step 3: Wait for Subscription Confirmation

Once you’ve selected the UK Calling Package, wait for a confirmation message from Jazz keeping you updated on the successful activation.

Step 4: Start Dialing

With the package subscribed, start dialing your favorite UK numbers with the assurance of economical calling rates.

Step 5: Periodic Check-ins

Use the*456*2*2# code for periodic check-ins on your status and ensure you’re not missing out on the benefits.

Terms and Conditions

While Jazz’s UK Calling Package comes with a variety of advantages, there are certain terms and conditions that you should be aware of:

  • Eligible Operators: The package is meticulously curated and applies to calls made to specific UK mobile operators (H3G/O2/Orange Mobile/T-Mobile/Vodafone).
  • Ineligible Calls: Premium rate numbers, special numbers, and Jersey Mobile numbers are not part of this promotional offer.
  • Roaming Exclusions: The special rates for UK calls are only applicable for users making calls from within Pakistan. Individuals calling from abroad to Pakistan will not avail of these discounted rates.
  • Limited Time Offer: As with any good deal, the Jazz UK Calling Package is subject to change at any time due to its limited-time nature.

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Reference: Jazz UK Package

Package Price

Rs.1.2/30Sec (Incl. tax)



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