Jazz Saudi Arabia and UAE Call Package Code Price and Details


Jazz Saudia Arabia and UAE Package Code *452# subscribe lifetime validity offer for the price of Rs.3.57/15Sec (Incl. tax) for UAE and Rs.2.38/15Sec (Incl. tax) for KSA without paying any Subscription Charges.


  • It is a limited-time offer and can be changed anytime.
  • The customers have to maintain a call setup fee of Rs.0.15 Paisa per call.
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International calling can be a lifeline for those of us with loved ones spread across the globe. For Jazz users in Pakistan, the connection to relatives in Saudi Arabia and the UAE is about to become smarter and more cost-effective, thanks to the Jazz Saudi Arabia and UAE Call Package. With slashed call rates and an array of tailored benefits, this package not only brings you closer to the ones you love but does so without burning a hole in your pocket.

Previously, we have discussed Jazz international call packages regarding the 456 UK, 456 USA, 456 Canada, and the UK offer for you. Now we are here to bring you another exciting international offer about KSA and UAE.

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Jazz Saudi Arabia and UAE Call Package Details

Whether you’re an expatriate, a student, or a professional, staying connected with family and friends in Saudi Arabia and the UAE is now simpler than ever with Jazz’s dedicated international call package. This offer is designed for both frequent and occasional callers, offering a flexible and economical solution to international calling needs.

What You Need to Know About the Package

This special IDD (International Direct Dialing) offer doesn’t just offer cost-effective international communication; it’s also incredibly user-friendly. No hidden charges, and no complex subscriptions –save on every call starting from the moment you opt in.

Jazz Saudi Arabia and UAE Call Package Codes

Here are the core details of the package:

  • Subscription Fee: Absolutely zero charges to subscribe to the offer.
  • Subscription Code: Dial *452# to avail of the package with no immediate burden on finances.
  • Unsubscribe Code: If your calling behavior changes, simply dial *452*4# to opt-out.
  • Bundle Information Code: To refresh your understanding of the package, dial *452*3# at any time.
  • Check Status Code: Wondering if the package is still active? A quick *452*2# will keep you informed.
  • Validity: Lifetime validity means seamless calling to KSA and UAE now and in the future.
  • UAE Calling Rates: Rs.3.57/15 Sec (Incl. tax) empowers your communication with friends or business contacts in the UAE.
  • Saudi/KSA Calling Rates: Make the most of an unbeatable Rs.2.38/15 Sec (Incl. tax) rate to call Saudi Arabia.

    Jazz Saudi Arabia and UAE Call Package

Terms and Conditions for Seamless Calling

To ensure a fair and smooth experience for everyone, Jazz has detailed terms and conditions in place. Here’s a snapshot to help you get the most out of your international calls:

  • Eligibility: All Jazz call package users can subscribe to this offer.
  • IDD Exclusivity: The offer only applies to international direct dialing calls, not local or other international rates.
  • Premium Number Exclusion: Premium-rated numbers are not included in the discounted package rates.
  • Roaming Caveat: The offer is intended for calls made from within Pakistan to KSA and UAE numbers.
  • Duration: It’s a limited-time deal, so seize the savings while you can!
Package Price

KSA: Rs.2.38/15Sec and UAE: Rs.3.57/15 Sec + Taxes

Call Setup Fee

Rs. <= 0.15 (Paisa)



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