Jazz 456 UK Call Package Code Price Detail


Jazz 456 UK Call Package Code: Dial 456 before the UK number (e.g. 4560044 20 7123 4567) without paying any subscription fee and lifetime validity. The UK landline calling price is Rs.5.98 per 15 Minutes (Incl. tax).


  • 456 UK offer is only valid for UK landline numbers.
  • A call setup fee of Rs. 0.15 paisa per call is required.
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Jazz 456 UK Call Package Code:- In today’s interconnected world, the importance of staying in touch with loved ones knows no limits. Jazz, one of the leading telephone companies in Pakistan, understands this need for connectivity across borders and offers an array of international calling packages custom-made for different regions.

We focus on one of Jazz’s most sought-after packages, the Jazz 456 UK Call Package, detailing the code, price, and other essential features that international call fans need to know about.

Subscription Fee: None

One of the primary drivers of consumer interest in any package is the upfront cost. With Jazz 456 UK Call Package, the comforting news is that there are no subscription charges. This means that customers can start availing the benefits of the package without any initial investment, making it immediately accessible and enticing.

Jazz UK Call Package Code

Just dial 456 before dialing any UK Landline Number. For example, (e.g. 4560044 20 7123 3821)

  • Unsubscribe Code: It is not available.
  • Bundle Information Code: None
  • Check Status Code: N/A

Validity: Lifetime

While many packages come with a limited window of usability, the Jazz 456 UK Call Package bucks the trend. It boasts impressive lifetime validity, offering peace of mind to customers who might not use the international calling facility frequently but desire flexibility without expiry pressure.

Jazz 456 UK Call Package Price: Rs.5.98/15Min (Incl. tax)

Now, the crucial question is – what does it cost to make a call using the Jazz 456 UK Call Package? The answer is impressively affordable at just Rs.5.98/15Min (inclusive of tax). This rate secures your conversations at a fraction of the standard international call tariffs, making it a cost-effective solution for connecting to the UK.

Terms and Conditions

All Jazz customers have to follow the following terms and conditions:

  • This offer is exclusively for Landline Numbers in the UK
  • Customers must prefix their number with 456 (e.g. 4560044 20 7123 4567)
  • No subscription or daily charges required
  • New rates will be applicable at all times, with no time window restrictions
  • Offer available for all Jazz packages
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice
  • Customers will be charged a call setup fee of Rs.0.15 for each call. There is no mention of any minimum or maximum duration for this charge, so it can be assumed that the charge applies regardless of the length of the call.

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Package Price

Rs.5.98 Per 15 Minutes (Incl. tax)

Call Setup Fee

Rs. <= 0.15 (Paisa)



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