Jazz 456 Canada Call Package Price Code Detail


The Jazz Canada Calling Package price is Rs. 5.98 for a 15-minute call. To make affordable calls to Canada dial 456 before the Canadian number. There are no subscription charges and the offer is valid for the lifetime.


  • The offer does not apply to Canada’s premium numbers.
  • A call setup fee of Rs.0.15 Paisa per call is applicable.
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Jazz 456 Canada Call Package Price Code Detail

Jazz 456 Canada Call Package:- In the fast-paced world, staying connected with family and friends across the globe is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Jazz introduces the revolutionary 456 Canada Call Package at the forefront of telephones, catering to those with deep bonds in the Great White North. Delve into this comprehensive guide to understand the finer details of this unique offering that balances affordability with whole communication.

Jazz Canada Call Package Code: Dial 456 before the Canadian Number

To unlock the prowess of the 456 Canada Call Package, a subscriber has to dial 456 before punching in the desired Canadian landline number 456001 (XXX) XXX-XXXX). Remember, these small but significant digits can lower your call rates and make those conversations across borders more common and fulfilling.

Subscription Fee: None

There is no subscription fee to activate this offer. That’s right, absolutely no upfront charges, ensuring that every Jazz user can partake in this exceptional promotion without breaking the bank.

  • Jazz Canada Call Package Unsubscribe Code: Not Available
  • Offer Information Code: It is not available.
  • Check Status Code: N/A

Validity: Lifetime

The 456 Canada Call Package is not just a cyclic offer; it’s a lifetime commitment to connecting with your Canadian contacts. You heard that right – no worrying about frequent renewals or service breaks. Just call and savor the moments. 

Jazz Canada Call Package Calling Rates: Rs.5.98/15Min (Incl. tax)

In this realm of economic pragmatism, Jazz strikes a delicate balance between quality and cost. The Canada Call Package promises a rate of Rs. 5.98 for a 15-minute call, including all taxes. It’s an unbeatable deal for those who wish to maintain a steady line of communication without the financial sting.
Jazz Canada Call Offer Details

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers must prefix the number with 456, for example, dialing 456001 (XXX) XXX-XXXX).
  • Premium numbers in Canada are not eligible for this offer.
  • No subscription or daily charges will be applied.
  • The new rates are valid 24 hours a day, without any time window restrictions.
  • This offer is available for all Jazz packages.
  • The offer may be subject to change at any time.
  • A call set-up fee of Rs. 0.15 will be applicable.
  • Jazz reserves the right to set or change the price of any offer, package, or bundle at any time.
  • Offers and packages are subject to all applicable taxes, regardless of the physical location where the service is activated or used.
  • Opening or accessing multiple applications or websites simultaneously may result in using up your data volume and charging you at your package’s base rate.
  • The balance and recharge required for bundles may be rounded up to the nearest whole number for convenience.

Starting in 2021, the bill date for all postpaid subscribers will be changed to the 2nd of every month. Customers will receive a separate bill for the difference in days for the execution month, and charges will be prorated so.

  • An advance income tax rate of 15% is applicable on each recharge.
  • The sales tax rate in the Federal Territory of Islamabad is 16%.
  • The sales tax rate in the rest of Pakistan and AJK is 19.5%.
  • GB is exempted from all taxes.
  • A late payment fee of PKR 50 will be charged on unpaid bills after the due date.

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Package Price

Rs.5.98 Per 15 Minutes (Incl. tax)

Call Setup Fee

Rs. <= 0.15 (Paisa)



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