Telenor Snapchat Offer Code 2023 in Just Rs.5: Claim Yours Today


Telenor Free Snapchat Code *915# activates the Snapchat package and offers 2000 MBs of data (only for Snapchat) valid for 30 days. Customers will also receive 5,000 Internet MBs for Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter all for the price of Rs.5


  • Reactivation within the package validity is not allowed for this offer.
  • Rs.0.1 (incl. tax) will be deducted from your account when you activate this offer.
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Telenor Snapchat Code and Details

Telenor Snapchat Code *915# – Now, Snap Chat with your friends and family. Get engaged and enjoy more se zyada filters and streaks in socializing with Snapchat offer Telenor. Additionally, the subscribers will also enjoy 5000 MBs of internet for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

In this article, we will explore Telenor Monthly Snapchat offer code for 2GB internet, its price, unsubscribe code, validity and terms and conditions in in-depth detail.

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Let’s discuss in-depth details about Telenor Snapchat Code 2023.

Telenor Snapchat Package Code

  • To activate dial *915#

How to Unsubscribe Telenor Snapchat Package?

  • The offer will automatically unsubscribe after the 30th day at midnight.

Telenor Snapchat Package Code 2023


Snapchat Telenor package is valid for 30 days and the customers will receive a notification when the package will exhaust or expire at midnight on the 30th day from the date of subscription.

Telenor Snapchat Package Price

  • Rs. 5

Free Resources

  • Snapchat: 2GB data
  • Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp: 5GB data

Supplementary Package

If the Telenor Snapchat package is exhausted, then the customers can avail of a supplementary package

  • Price: Rs.5
  • Data Volume: 300 MBs
  • Package Code: *503#
  • Limitations: only allowed once a month

Telenor Free Resources Check Code

  • Dial *123#

Remaining MBs Check Code

  • Dial *999#

Remaining Minutes Check Code

  • Dial *222#

Remaining Data Check Code

  • Dial *999#

How to Check Remaining Balance in Telenor

  • Dial *444#

Check Remaining SMS in Telenor

  • Dial *111#

Terms and Conditions

  • A prepaid, non-recursive, limited-time offer and can be changed at any time
  • No call setup charges.
  • Multiple subscriptions within the validity period (30 days) are not allowed.
  • Subscription charges Rs.0.01 (incl. tax) at the time of package activation will apply.
  • Telenor Snapchat offer code is *915# and it is non-recursive (will not automatically renew).
  • If the customers have subscribed to multiple packages, then their resources and validity will not merge with the Snapchat offer.
  • Resources consumption notification will be sent to the customers after consuming 80% and 100% of resources from the bundle as an alert to avoid further consumption on standard rate charging.
  • Subscribers will receive 2G/3G/4G depending on their area and handset, peak time, and location.
  • If the resources within the validity expire, then Rs. 1/MB (incl. tax) will apply, till the package expires.
  • If you use the internet data after the bundle expiry, you’ll be charged Rs. 4.8/MB incl. tax.

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Package Price


Internet Data

2000 MBs for Snapchat

Free Resources

5000 MBs of Internet Data for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter



Device/Connection Type

Mobile Internet

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