Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus Code, Price & Details


Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus Code, Price & Details

Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus – Get engaged in socializing and stay connected with 6000 MBs of internet data for Facebook and Whatsapp, plus 10000 free SMS throughout the month at an affordable price.


  • Telenor Social Pack Plus is valid for prepaid customers only
  • Will not automatically renew, once it is expired
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Telenor is offering 10,000 free SMS and 6GB data package for Facebook and WhatsApp for 30 days. So, never miss any status updates from your friends and family circle with Monthly Social Pack Plus Telenor.

Now, let’s discuss the Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus code, price, remaining MB code & incentives details

monthly social pack plus Telenor

How to Subscribe Social Plus Package?

  • Monthly Social Pack Plus Telenor Code *660# is used to subscribe to this offer.

How to Unsubscribe?

  • Telenor Social Pack Plus will automatically expire right after the 30th day at midnight

Package Price

  • 85 incl. tax

Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus Codes

Check Remaining SMS Code

  • Dial *111#

Check Remaining MBs Code

  • Dial *999#

Package Validity:

The package is valid for one month (30 days) from the subscription date and subscribers will be notified when the package expires at the 30th day at midnight.

Supplementary Package

If the data resources are exhausted then customers can avail a supplementary package:

  • Price: Rs. 5
  • Activation code: *503#
  • Data MBs: 300 MBs
  • Limitations: Only allowed once a month

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before buying this offer:

  • Resources from other subscriptions are not merged with this offer.
  • Multiple subscriptions are allowed.
  • Can change at any time.
  • Data consumption notification facility for 80% and 100% consumption.
  • Customers can run the internet at 2G/3G/4G speed depending on various factors like mobile phone, area, location, and distance from the tower etc.
  • If resources are exhausted within the validity and you still use the internet then the charges will be Rs 1/MB incl. tax till the package expires.
Internet Data

6GB Data (Facebook & WhatsApp)

Local Network Minutes

Other Network Minutes

Free SMS

10000 SMS



Call Setup Fee

Device/Connection Type

Mobile Internet

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