Jazz Balance Save Code When Data on

Jazz Balance Save Code *275# When Data is On

Jazz Balance Save Code When Data on

If you are facing an accidental balance loss problem in your Jazz Prepaid SIM then dialing the Jazz Balance Save Code *275# and Doosra Balance Save Code *869# is the only way to lock your remaining balance in your SIM card. You will remain safe from unwanted balance deductions.

Jazz Save Balance Code Details

Jazz is the biggest telecom network in Pakistan and it is providing the best internet, calling, and messaging service throughout the country. If you are a Jazz user then you must have faced the balance deduction problem without using any resources. It is unacceptable when you check the remaining balance and it shows Zero or with an unnecessary deduction. So, if you don’t know about “Jazz Balance Save Karne Ka Tarika”, don’t worry, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide about How to Save Balance in Jazz with a Balance Save Code.

What is Jazz Balance Save Code?

Jazz Balance Save Code is a free code/service offered by Mobilink Jazz to its prepaid customer who thinks that an unknown balance deduction happens in their SIM Card Account Balance, even if they do not make any calls, use the internet, or send an SMS to any of their friends or family members. So, the best solution for this issue is Jazz Ka Balance Save Code. Once the code is activated, the Jazz Balance Saver will stop all the unnecessary deductions of balance.

Jazz Balance Save Subscribe Code

  • To subscribe dial *275#
Jazz balance save code

Jazz Balance Save Unsubscribe Code

  • To unsubscribe dial *275*4#.
Jazz balance save code unsubscribe
Jazz balance save unsubscribe code

Jazz Balance Save Service Charges

  • The service is absolutely free of cost.

Validity Period

  • It is valid for one month (30 days).

Accidental Balance Deduction Reasons

You need Balance Save Code Jazz for the following three reasons behind accidental balance cuts from your SIM Card.

  • Subscribing to the Jazz Non-Hybrid Offers
  • Activating the Jazz Value-Added Services
  • Package Expired
  • Resources Exhausted
  • Activating the Auto-Recursive Offers

Now, let’s discuss each of the above reasons and find out a composite solution for how to save jazz balance and stay tension free.

Using Jazz Balance Save Code After Activating Non-Hybrid Offers

If you are a Jazz user then you probably know that you have a lot of options regarding affordable internet packages, call packages, and SMS packages with a certain validity period (hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly). When you and other valued customers subscribe to any of the packages and if that offer is not a hybrid one then it might be lacking resources of free minutes, SMS, and internet data MBs. An accidental balance loss in Jazz depends on which resource is lacking from the offer and whenever you use that needed resource, a base rate as per your package plan will apply. In such a case, you need to activate the Jazz balance saver package and protect your remaining balance.

Dialing Jazz Balance Save Code After Activating Value-Added Services

The second reason for the accidental balance cut may be you have subscribed to other Jazz value-added offers like Jazz Tunes, call management (collect call, zero balance call, my status, etc.) Utility (Jazz mobile store, smart SMS, jazz Drive), entertainment (Tamasha app, Jazz mobile magazine, etc.), gaming, learning, health, shopping, etc. In this situation, Jazz save balance code *275# will secure your remaining balance and keep you unsubscribed from these offers and if you need them you can dial Jazz save balance return code *275*4#. After dialing the deactivation code, the whole balance will shift into the SIM card back and you can re-subscribe your required package.

Note*: If you have subscribed to any value-added service and then activated the Jazz Ka Balance Save Code, then the requisite service will not continue until you re-subscribe it.

Using Balance Save Code Jazz in Case of Package Expiry

The third reason for accidental balance loss may occur when your package has expired, in such case a base rate as per your package plan will apply to making outgoing calls, sending SMS, and using the internet.

Activating Jazz Balance Saver Package before Resources are Exhausted

Sometimes it happens any of the bundle resources are exhausted before the expiry date and whenever you make a call, turn on mobile data, or send a text message to your friends, overage charges incur as per your recent bundle activation. So, it would be a great option to activate balance save code jazz so that your remaining account balance remains untouched. The only drawback of this activation is that you will not be able to use any extra resources than your current bundle.

Jazz Save Balance Code Can Secure Your Balance For Subscribing an Auto-Recursive Offer

Jazz auto-recursive packages will automatically renew after expiry if the customers have a sufficient amount of balance in their account. Suppose you have activated any auto-renewable Jazz daily internet package, then it will automatically renew without any prior prompt and there will be an accidental balance loss to your SIM card. To keep your balance safe, you must have to dial the code known as balance saver for Jazz after you have successfully subscribed to the package. So that the remaining amount in your SIM card remains safe.

How To Use Jazz Balance Save Code When Mobile Data is On?

Balance Saver For Jazz is the newest offer that saves balance from unnecessary deductions. We have already told you that Jazz doesn’t incur any extra charges but it’s only you who subscribe to needless offers and face problems of a certain cut on SIM card amount. To avoid this issue, you can dial the Jazz Save Balance Code *275# and lock the remaining balance in your SIM Card. After dialing the Jazz Balance Lock Code, your account is protected from all deductions.

How to Save Jazz Balance When Data On?

Suppose, your internet package has expired, exhausted or you are using it as per your package plan and forgot to turn off your Mobile Data. Keep reading the article and learn how to save Jazz Balance when data is on.

As we have mentioned earlier that you can save your balance using the Jazz Balance saver package code which is the latest offer by Mobilink Jazz and is totally free. What it means is you do not need to pay a penny and save your entire balance by dialing a code *275#. It will activate the “balance saver jazz” offer for you and now, if your mobile data is on and the internet package has expired, you don’t need to panic because, with this offer, your balance will remain protected with your permission. So, it is mandatory to use the Jazz balance lock code so that each penny in your SIM card remains untouched and safe from any unnecessary deduction.

  • The Jazz Balance Save Offer is valid for 30 days (1 month).
  • To unsubscribe from the offer dial *275# from your Jazz SIM.
  • It is a free service.

The offer is auto-recursive and will automatically be renewed after one month.

Jazz Doosra Balance Save Code

USSD Code:*869#

Jazz Doosra Balance Save Code

Jazz has also introduced Doosra Balance Save Code *869# which is used to save and withdraw balance into a secret balance account. Jazz Doosra Balance is a convenient feature that allows Jazz customers to transfer a portion of their balance to a separate account called Jazz Dusra Balance Account. This helps to safeguard their balance and prevent it from being used unintentionally. With Jazz Doosra Balance, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their balance is secure and easily accessible when needed.

Actually, the Jazz offers a secret wallet where you can save your balance and then withdraw it when you need it. After dialing the Doosra Balance Code Jazz will lock your mobile data, outgoing calls, and other valued services from automatic usage. Once you activate the Doosra Balance offer, you can transfer your desired amount into another account (Doosra Balance Account) on your SIM card which can be withdrawn on demand.

How to Deposit Balance into Jazz Doosra Balance Account?

Dial *869*1#

Here’s how Jazz and Warid customers can save their balance:

  • Open the Phone app on your smartphone.
  • Dial *869#
Jazz-Doosra-Balance-Save-Code *869#
Jazz Doosra Balance Status Code
  • Now Reply with 1 (1: Raqam Daalein) to deposit desired balance in Secret Doosra Balance Account. [or dial *869*1# and reply with the amount you want to deposit]
  • Enter the amount and Reply
jazz balance save code when data on
save balance Jazz

You’ll receive a confirmation message that your amount has been successfully deposited into the Doosra Balance Account.

How to Withdraw the Balance from Jazz Doosra Balance Account to Main SIM Account?

Withdraw Balance Code: *869*2#

Withdrawing the Balance to the main account is as easy as depositing the amount into Doosra Balance Account. Here’s how you can do that in simple steps:

  • Go to the Phone app on your mobile phone.
  • Type the USSD code *869# and press the call button. [Or dial *869*2# and then enter the amount to withdraw]
  • Now Reply with 2 (2: Raqam Nikalein) to withdraw your desired amount into Main Account on your Jazz SIM.
  • Enter the Amount and Reply to the service.
  • The service charges are Rs. 1+ tax.
Withdraw Balance from Jazz Doosra Balance Account
Doosra Balance Account Se Raqam Kesy Nikalain

You’ll receive a confirmation message that your amount has been successfully deposited into the Main Account.

Jazz Doosra Balance Unsubscription Code

Deactivation Code: *869*3#

To deactivate Doosra Balance Account in Mobilink Jazz, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Open the Phone app and dial *869#. [Or dial*869*3# and reply with 1]
  • Now, Reply with 3 (3: Service Khatam Karen)
Doosra Balance Account Unsubscribe Code
How to Deactivate 2nd Balance Account?

After replying, you will receive a confirmation message that your Doosra Balance Service has been stopped and all of your Balance has been shifted to your Main SIM Account. The service charges/fee is Rs. 1.2 plus tax.

Terms and Conditions

  • There are no service charges, no subscription charges, and no un-subscription fee.
  • The service charges for withdrawing the amount are Rs. 1+ tax/transaction.
  • You can deposit a maximum of Rs.100 into Jazz Dusra Balance Account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q #1. Jazz Balance Save Karne Ka Tarika

Ans: The offer simply saves your balance from automatically deducting the balance in your account for the sake of consuming data when you have activated a data package.
·       Subscription charges: Rs.0
·       Activation Code: *275#
·       Deactivation Code: *275*4#

Q #2. How to Deactivate Jazz Balance Save Code

Ans: For deactivation dial *275*4# from your Jazz SIM.

Q #3. How to subscribe to jazz balance save service?

Ans: Here are the steps to subscribe to Jazz Balance Save Offer
·       Subscription: Dial *275#
·       Unsubscribe: Dial *275*4#
·       Validity: 30 Days
·       Mode: Auto recursive

Q #4. What is the code for jazz balance?

Ans: You can check your balance by dialing *111# from your Jazz number.

Q #5. What is Jazz code * 786?

Ans: Jazz code *786# is used to access the JazzCash Mobile Account menu. Jazz and Warid customers can dial *786# to create their desired 4-digit MPIN for their Mobile Account, check their balance, and more.

Q #6. What is Jazz code * 476?

Ans: Jazz code *476# is used to subscribe to the Super New Sim Offer which provides 6GB of data, 600 Jazz minutes & SMS, and 30 other network minutes for Rs.78 (incl. of tax) with a validity of 7 days.

Q #7. What is the code * 869 in jazz?

Ans: Jazz code *869# is used to activate the Jazz Doosra Balance service which allows you to create another balance account for your Jazz SIM and transfer your balance to it.

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