Ufone Night Internet Package – Daily Mega Internet Package Code


Ufone Daily Mega Internet Package Code *550# offers 2 GB data valid between (12 AM – 12 PM) for an inexpensive price of Rs.20 (incl. tax). The offer is also known as Ufone Daily Night Internet Package, Mega Internet Bucket among customers.


  • The “Ufone 2GB internet Package” is only available between (12 AM – 12 PM) daily.
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Ufone Mega Internet Package Details

Ufone, a leading telecommunications provider in Pakistan, offers a variety of internet packages to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. One such package is the Ufone Mega Internet Package, designed for users who require a substantial amount of data buckets. The Ufone Mega Internet Bundle offers 2 GB of data in off-peak hours daily. This offer is designed for users who require a significant amount of data during off-peak hours.

In this article, we will discuss the Ufone Mega Internet code, unsubscribe code, package details, price, validity, and terms and conditions.

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Ufone Mega Internet Package Code

  • Dial *550#

To subscribe to the Ufone Mega Internet Package, simply dial *550# from your number. You’ll receive 2GB per night internet data.

Ufone Mega Internet Package Unsubscribe Code

You will be automatically unsubscribed from Ufone Night Internet Package, Mega Data offer after 24 hours.

Package Price:

  • Rs. 20 (incl. tax)

The Ufone Mega Internet Offer is available at an affordable price of Rs.20 (incl. tax).

Offer Validity

  • Daily (12 AM – 12 PM)

The Ufone daily internet bundle is valid for 1 day, 24 hours (12 AM – 12 PM) from the time of subscription.

Ufone Daily Night Internet Package Code

Check the Remaining MBs Code for Ufone Night Internet Package

  • To check remaining MBs status dial *706#.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for prepaid customers only.
  • Ufone Mega Internet Offer is a non-recursive package and will never automatically renew itself, even having a sufficient balance in your account.
  • To check the remaining resources of the package, dial *706#.
  • The package is valid for use between 1 AM and 8 AM only.
  • Multiple subscriptions are forbidden

Final Words

The Ufone Mega Internet Package is an excellent choice for users who require a substantial amount of data during off-peak hours. With its affordable pricing, easy subscription and unsubscription process, and generous data allowance, this package will meet many customers’ needs.

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Package Price

Rs.20 (incl. tax)

Internet Data

2GB Data Availabe Between (12 AM – 12 PM)

Device/Connection Type

Mobile Internet



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