Telenor 3 Month Internet Package 36GB


Telenor Monthly Internet Package 36 GB per month is available at an inexpensive price of Rs. 4000 recharge. The users will have a total 108GB internet data for 3 months with a 36GB/month quota. The Telenor internet SIM 3 month package has a subscription code that can be dialed from the Master number to activate the offer.


  • Customers will receive 36 GB of data per month
  • The 3 month internet package 36 GB is only available on Telenor devices (Mi-Fi + Wingle)
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Telenor Monthly Internet Package 36 GB Details

The 3 month internet package from Telenor may be a good option for individuals who do not use the internet frequently, but still, need access for work or personal use.

Since the package offers a longer term of 3 months, it can provide some cost savings compared to purchasing a shorter-term package or paying for data on an as-needed basis. It may also be convenient for individuals who are busy or have a demanding job, as they may not have time to regularly monitor and recharge their internet usage.

The package may be suitable for those who primarily use the internet for downloading movies, watching YouTube videos, and using social media, as these activities can consume a significant amount of data. It can also be useful for those who need to perform office work or prepare assignments at home.

How Activate 36GB Telenor Package?

  • Activation Code *345*1005#
  • Dial the Telenor Monthly Internet Package 36GB Code *345*1005# from the prepaid Telenor hotspot number.

How to Check Telenor Monthly Internet Package?

  • Remaining MBs Check Code *931#
  • To check remaining data resources Telenor 3 Month package dial *931#

Telenor 3 Month Internet Offer Price

  • Recharge Required: Rs. 4000

Telenor 3 Month Internet Package Code


  • 90 Days

Telenor Wifi Device Price in Pakistan 2023

Telenor device prices are:

  • 3G Dongle: PKR. 2100
  • 3G Mifi: PKR. 3500
  • 3G Wingle: PKR. 2500
  • 4G Mifi: PKR. 3000
  • 4G Wingle: PKR. 2000


  • The 3 month bundle can be subscribed many times within the bundle duration
  • The customers will have a total 108GB data for 3 month.
  • A fair usage policy of 36GB of data per month applies.

Final Thoughts

Telenor 3 Months Internet Package is great for those who use internet when they need. To activate the bundle simply dial the subscription code and get 36GB data per month.

However, it’s important for users to monitor their data usage to ensure that they do not exceed the package limit before the end of the 3-month period. If they do, they may need to purchase additional data or upgrade to a higher package, which could result in additional costs.

More Telenor Wi-Fi Device Packages

Internet Data

Total 108GB Data (36GB/Month)

Fair Usage Policy

36GB Per Month for 90 Days

Device/Connection Type

4G Wi-FI, 4G Wingle


90 Days

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