Jazz Champion Package Code Price and Details


Jazz Champion Package Code *337# is used to make calls to any network at an affordable price of Rs. 3.50/60 seconds (inclusive of taxes) for the lifetime without paying any subscription fee for the first time.


  • Champion Package is the default package on all new SIMs
  • A call setup fee of Rs.0.15 Paisa is required to make any outgoing call.
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Jazz Champion Package Code Price and Details

Jazz, previously known as Mobilnk, is one of the leading wireless communication companies in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of affordable packages to cater to the needs of its customers. One such package is the Jazz Champion Package, which provides cost-effective rates for calls, internet usage, and SMS services. In this article, we will discuss the details of the Jazz Champion Package, including its subscription code, price, and terms and conditions.

Jazz Champion Package Details:

The Jazz Champion Package is a default prepaid package on all the new SIMs that offers competitive rates for calls on all networks, internet usage, and SMS services. It also provides lifetime validity to its subscribers.

To subscribe to the Jazz Champion Package, customers need to dial *337# from their Jazz SIM. The subscription fee for this package is Rs. 3.50/60 seconds (inclusive of taxes).

Jazz Champion Package Subscription Code: *337#

To subscribe to the Jazz Champion Package, customers can dial *337# or visit the nearest Jazz retailer.

Unsub Code: Dial *337#

Customers who wish to unsubscribe from this package can dial *337# and select UnSub then follow the instructions provided.

Calling Rates:

The calling rates for the Jazz Champion Package are as follows:

  • Jazz to Jazz Calling Rates: Rs. 3.50/60 seconds.
  • Other Network Calling Rates: Rs. 3.50/60 seconds.

Send an SMS to Any Network in Pakistan

Customers can send SMS at an affordable price of Rs. 2.5/SMS to all the networks in Pakistan. 

Validity: Lifetime

The Jazz Champion Package offers lifetime validity to its subscribers, providing them with uninterrupted services and convenience.

Terms and conditions

  • Call Setup Fee is applicable.
  • Additional terms and conditions apply in addition to previously agreed-upon terms through CSAF/eSAF.
  • Jazz has the right to change or withdraw offers/packages/bundles at any time.
  • Customers will be notified of any changes in advance as necessary per PTA regulations.
  • Offer prices are subject to applicable taxes, regardless of location within Pakistan.
  • Data usage will be charged based on the proportion of volume used for each application/website opened.
  • Balances and recharge amounts may be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • Any inquiries or concerns can be addressed by emailing customercare@jazz.com.pk.
  • Unwanted and unethical messages can be reported to PTA by texting the sender’s number to 9000.
  • Using a SIM in someone else’s name or allowing others to use your SIM is considered a crime by PTA.
  • To block unsolicited calls and messages, dial 420 (charges may apply).
  • Unsolicited marketing communication can be blocked through the free “Do Not Call Register” service by texting “ON” or “SUB” to 3627.
  • By purchasing a SIM, the customer is obtaining the right to use PMCL’s network and services, not ownership of the SIM.
  • Bill dates for postpaid subscribers will change to the 2nd of every month in 2021, with prorated charges for any difference in days.
  • Friends and Family call rates are charged at 1.20/30 seconds.
  • Applicable taxes and charges vary by location in Pakistan and AJK, with GB being exempt.
  • A late payment fee of PKR 50 will be charged for unpaid bills after the due date. Each number represents a bullet point.

Recommended Package:

Package Price

Rs.3.50 / 60sec (Incl. Tax)

Local Network Minutes

Rs.3.50 / 60Sec

Other Network Minutes

Rs.3.50 / 60Sec

Internet Data

Rs.5 / MB

Device/Connection Type

Mobile Internet

Free SMS

Rs.2.5 / SMS

Call Setup Fee

Rs. <= 0.15 (Paisa)

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